Hiking up Mount Agung is only a day’s journey that involves overall fitness, while hikers are becoming physically and mentally exhausted from unending incline all the way to the summit.

There are two alternative routes that allow you to be flexible with physical fitness and local weather conditions that occur during a day of climbing Mount Agung. If the hiking trail ascends from nearby Mother Temple (Pura Besakih), it takes 5 – 7 hours to get to the top and from Pasar Agung Temple is only 3 – 4 hours.

When you start from Pasar Agung Temple, you really take all 4hours trekking uphill and the same duration on the way back down. The trek starts through casuarina forest which is dark and silent with your headlamp or torchlight leading uphill to mid-way which lacks trees except for rocks and then you begin to scramble over big lava-stones before the sun appears to rise above the horizon.

You needed to be more careful with spreading tree roots through casuarina forest and there is also another big challenge a few hundred meters before the top, required rock scrambling skill as rock surfaces can be slippery, especially after rain. But getting to the summit of Mount Agung (3200mtr), your guide has an important role in maintaining the trail. He always tries to lead you safer and more comfortable on your trek and bolster your spirit and help you to maintain a focused mind.

Starting Point : Pasar Agung Temple. But hiking to Mount Agung is still closed now.