When stepping out a foot from the car onto the hotel of Lava View, our first glance is directed towards the sand sea around Mount Bromo. Unfortunately, if it is not too late, we think probably we could have the opportunity to walk along the sand sea to the foot of Mount Bromo and stepping up to the summit. But it was scheduled for hiking up Mount Bromo after driving down with land rover from Penanjakan tomorrow morning. Tomorrow at 03:00 am we will start driving up to the highest point to look at the beauty of Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru, and the surroundings.

When you arrive at the hotel “Lava View” or other hotels and have lunch there, so after lunch, it is recommended to hike Mount Bromo in the afternoon. From the hotel “Lava View” you can walk through the sand sea about 30-40 minutes to the foot of Mount Bromo and step up more than three hundred steps (stairs). When feeling so tired, stop for a while, and look at the beauty of the astounding sand sea.