Jimbaran Bali offers a stunning sense of nature along a beach bay, walking away on a sandy beach on beautiful blue sky days and awaiting a time when a most beautiful sunset goes down over the vast horizon of the tropical sea that makes the travel experience and dream holidays a reality, really complete, really perfect end to a perfect day with sunset at Jimbaran Bali.

The sun has set down. You moved back to your hotel and took a seat right near the beach of the hotel restaurant for a romantic dinner. Or maybe you have a plan to enjoy your great seafood dining experience at a nearby restaurant that is already so popular for tourists. With open-air seating, you will be treated to live music right on the edge of Jimbaran beach.


If you have enough time on vacation for the following days, you can visit Kuta or Legian Beach by taxi or hotel transportation. There are shopping centers and favorite restaurants on Kuta beach. Anyway, taxis (Bluebird or Bali taxi) are your best choice for easy and reliable transportation. Especially, taxis can be stopped easily on the road to take you back in 15 or 20 minutes to the hotel of Jimbaran Bali.

On the next day, you can spend a very jolly day together, talking to Balinese people as you are in the local market when they start carrying out their activities in the early morning. You may walk there not far away from your luxury hotel in Jimbaran. Sightseeing and watch the locals selling homemade offering baskets (Canang Sari) from coconut leaves which is respectful as one of the essentials for rituals in Balinese life.