Jimbaran Bali offers a stunning sense of nature along a beach bay, walking away on a sandy beach on beautiful blue sky days and awaiting a time when a most beautiful sunset goes down over the vast horizon of the tropical sea that makes the travel experience and dream holidays a reality, really complete, really […]

Mount Ijen or Ijen Plateau is located between two regencies of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi in the province of East Java – Indonesia. It covers 5,466 hectares wide and an altitude may not exceed 2,500 meters above sea level. There is a turquoise acid crater lake with a depth of 200 meters. From the edge of […]

When stepping out a foot from the car onto the hotel of Lava View, our first glance is directed towards the sand sea around Mount Bromo. Unfortunately, if it is not too late, we think probably we could have the opportunity to walk along the sand sea to the foot of Mount Bromo and stepping […]

INDONESIA, the largest archipelago in the world covers more than 18 thousand of the islands, islets, and skerries spreading from Sabang in the west to Merauke in the east and from Miangas in the north to Rote in the south. In exploring the Indonesian archipelago, you can find the astounding variety of the country in […]

Hiking up Mount Agung is only a day’s journey that involves overall fitness, while hikers are becoming physically and mentally exhausted from unending incline all the way to the summit. There are two alternative routes that allow you to be flexible with physical fitness and local weather conditions that occur during a day of climbing […]